Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Helping Combat Aids

#red - The online community has been marking #WorldAidsDay today by helping raise awareness of the issues.

Despite the rapid decline in the price of treatments following public pressure on pharmaceutical companies, the disease remains one of the biggest killers in Africa - at least in part because social stigma surrounding sexual behaviour prevents people from taking some basic steps which would stop the disease in its tracks.

But it's also a global concern: 24,000 people in the UK are estimated to be carrying the virus without knowing it - which means as many as 1,000 people in Berkshire alone may be spreading the disease for want of getting tested and using condoms.

Tim Trent says it's important to keep raising awareness of the risks and the precautions - diseases don't discriminate and anyone can put themself at risk, so claims of ignorance will not protect you.

Dave Walker updates the Church Times blog with the Archbishop of Canturbury's message.

Meanwhile Diggestive points readers in the direction of a quiz to make things clearer.

The @joinred campaign advertises a few simple things you can do to show your support and help share the message.

Avert sexual health charity is an excellent source of more information - including a page of statistics relating to the UK and pages explaining all the issues surrounding prevention and transmission and testing.


Update: West Berkshire Council advertises its sexual health roadshow which will visit Newbury, Burghfield and Hungerford.

A C-Card is available for young people, which enables free condoms and screening for Chlamydia.


  1. In addition to knowing it is world AIDS day today, please also spare a thought for HIV+ folk in Uganda who are about to be given the death penalty by hanging if they are also homosexual. And note that friends and neighbours must inform on them if this law is passed.

    This is redolent of Nazi Germany and The Holocaust.

    A key influencer in Uganda is the Anglican Church, and there is a petition calling upon the leader of that church to denounce the proposed law. Please <a href="http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/Uganda_Christians>visit, read, and sign that petition as part of your awareness of World AIDS Day this year.

  2. thanks Tim, that's a good point.


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